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The importance of corporate culture can not be ignored

Adddate:2014-7-23 10:23:32    Hits:1972
The importance of corporate culture can not be ignored

As the information era, the 21st century is the era of cultural management, cultural rich era. For an up, the importance of corporate culture will be the company's core competence is the most important business management content. The importance of corporate culture has its own culture, to make business with the vitality of life, with the symbol of the true sense of personality in order to have access to survival, development and growth, basic social services for the whole. Next come and be more specific about the corporate culture.

The importance of corporate culture to reflect modern production and the general laws of market economy, new management philosophy, the importance of corporate culture in management science and behavioral science produces on the basis of a gradual evolution of modern management theory, is the rapid development in science and technology , increasing the level of society, increasingly competitive market conditions develop. Its purpose is to the spirit of the (emotional), physical, cultural means, material and staff to meet the spiritual needs, to improve the unity and cohesion, stimulate their initiative and creativity to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Importance of corporate culture is the enterprise's business activities in the long form in the common values, codes of conduct, ethics, and reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of these relationships, rules and regulations, plant, products and services, a collection of issues and material factors However, the importance of corporate culture to shape the corporate culture is definitely not to the enterprise provides some of the loud and empty slogans, it can be done. IBM corporate culture is respect for others, the pursuit of excellence, food for thought before action; INTEL (Intel) corporate culture is results-oriented, constructive conflict, the pursuit of excellence, equality and discipline.

The importance of integrating corporate culture in corporate philosophy, management style, values, sense of community and ethics, and so many ways, the importance of corporate culture is to deepen reform of state-owned enterprises an important guarantee. Currently, the market economy, enterprises are facing severe challenges, accession to WTO, foreign goods will continue to enter our country, international competition and domestic competition will become fiercer. The importance of corporate culture requires us to renew their concepts, seize the day, the times, innovation, enterprising concept of competition; get rid of egalitarian distribution of ideas, foster Anlaoquchou, giving priority to efficiency, and more the allocation of labor was more than ideas. Get rid of confusion confusion, hesitation stagnant, confused thinking, lifelong learning, and constantly update their knowledge, take the initiative to improve the knowledge of self-concept. The importance of deepening the reform of corporate culture, the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, not only to use economic ties to coordinate interests, but also to use cultural ties to adjust the employee's ideas, to deepen the reform to provide spiritual power and ideological guarantee.

The importance of corporate culture the human power, for employees to create a harmonious interpersonal relationships, to give full play to their ability to achieve self-worth, with a rich and colorful life, relaxed working environment. Cohesion through the establishment of the corporate culture of shared values, business goals, the employees gather around the enterprise, the importance of corporate culture so that employees have a sense of mission and responsibility, the initiative to put together their own wisdom and strength to the overall goals , the behavior of individuals united in a common direction on corporate behavior, which condenses into a great driving force to promote enterprise development.

The rapid development of science and technology, the enterprise management of a higher demand. In the past that mechanical, rigid, command-style management, no longer meet the requirements of modern management. Management is only built on the foundation of this culture, the importance of corporate culture, the use of the power of culture and non-economic means to manage the staff to complete by the last pipe, "body" now control the "heart" of the change, only management modernization. Only respect for the people, motivate and train people as the starting point and end point management, in order to enable enterprises to form a disciplined, courtesy and honesty, solidarity, professional dedication, with healthy, vitality of the internal environment, business management was with a higher level.

Therefore, a profit-maximizing business, you want to have good, sustainable economic benefits, we must continue to increase the company's loyal customer base, improve their reliability in this business, so they must establish a good corporate image. In other words, good economic benefits from a good corporate image, good corporate image is dependent on good corporate culture.

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